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  • Do you have access to wholesale rates across over 30 REPs (Retail Energy Providers)?
  • Do you have the collective experience of more than 2,500 energy contracts?
  • Have you checked the financial integrity, PUC complaints, and hedging practices of each REP?
  • Would you invest in stocks, plan for retirement, or buy a home without the services of a professional?

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Our customers have saved over $3 million by switching electric providers

Energy is one of, if not the highest operating cost for most large commercial/industrial facilities and we are here to help you to manage this aspect of your business to help you run as efficient and as cost effective as possible.  We offer everything from renewable energy pricing to standard nuclear energy depending on your preference and cost needs.  Trusted Energy LLC is your one stop shop for Energy Procurement and Cost Management as we work with the top ranked energy companies in the US to leverage them to against each other to help drive pricing down for you.  Our satisfied clients save on average 25% to 36% through these relationships across the deregulated states with our top rated Retail Electric Providers.  When REP’s compete, you win with lower energy pricing and less operating expenses you will have more working capital to run your company.  We are here to help!

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Trusted Energy LLC insures that you will not be overpaying for your home and/or business utility costs. Click on the "Get Started" button below to begin your Free Cost Analysis to find the lowest energy Supply costs for your area. 

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